There are two main areas that Development Services is divided into, Planning and Building. For discription of what each area covers and who to contact in the relevant areas, please see below.

The Town’s Development Services Department manages development applications and compliance, subdivision referrals, local planning scheme amendments, property enquiries, general planning enquiries and signage control. The department liaises closely with the Building, Engineering and Health officers in handling development proposals.
All development within the Town of Cottesloe requires Building approval. The primary role of the Building Services staff is to assess Building Permit applications for compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and relevant Australian Standards (AS).  Following issue of a building permit, and commencement of construction, projects are monitored to ensure compliance with the approved plans and relevant standards.
Building staff also provide technical advice to customers on all building-related matters as well as manage Demolition Permits, Sign Licences, Verge Licences, the Private Swimming Pools Inspection Program and overall compliance with these approvals.