Town of Cottesloe Events

The Town of Cottesloe boasts the beautiful coast line as well as the luscious green surroundings at the Civic Centre in Broome Street. Whether it be sporting events down at Cottesloe Beach or a breathtaking wedding at the Civic Centre gardens, Cottesloe supports a range of events throughout the year.

Click on the titles below to discover what events can be booked in the Town of Cottesloe as well as what events are running throughout the year. If you have further queries, please contact the office or email  our Events Officer on

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar offers a quick view of the events that the Town of Cottesloe hosts or supports on a month by month basis. Click on the title above to view the calendar and what is happening this month in Cottesloe.


If you would like to make a booking at the beach or Civic Centre please click here to find out more information. This may include large sporting events, community events or small bookings at our Civic Centre grounds and halls.


The Cottesloe Civic Centre grounds and beachfront are perfect settings for a wedding. Click here to find out more about this fantastic opportunity.

Cottesloe Annual Events

The Town of Cottesloe have a range of annual events available for the general public. Some of these are organised by the Town of Cottesloe and others are supported by the Council. Click here to find out what events are happening now in Cottesloe or how to get involved in these events!