Infrastructure Assets

Footpaths and roads are important and essential Council infrastructure. To view general information on roads and footpaths as well as how to access information on Council's current and five year footpath and road upgrade program enter here.

Works Programs

For funding information as well as current and five year future works programs for footpaths, roads, playgrounds and drainage enter here.

Council has adopted a policy to provide long term programs for the construction, upgrading and rehabilitation of all significant infrastructure within the Town of Cottesloe.  Within the context of a ten year capital works program and a Principal Activities Plan, five year forward plans for urban roads, drainage, footpaths, parks and gardens, parking areas and other significant infrastructure areas are to be created and reviewed annually.

Application Forms/Permits

For information as well as access to the appropriate forms that deal with verge crossovers, road open permits and road verge landscaping enter here.