Plastic Free July

Choose to refuse and eliminate single-use plastic this July!
This July Town of Cottesloe is participating in Plastic Free July (PFJ) and is encouraging local businesses, schools, and individuals to get involved in minimising the amount of plastic packaging in day-to-day life.
Reduce Single-Use
Plastic Free July is an initiative of the Western Metropolitan Council (WMRC), developed by Earth Carers. Plastic Free July is a fun challenge that aims to raise awareness of the amount of single-use packaging. Did you know that Western Australians use around 100 kilograms of plastic packaging per household each year? Single-use plastic is used to carry shopping, wrap food, for takeaway coffee, for drink bottles, plastic straws, and for convenience. All of these plastic items will be around longer than you or I will, and most of it is used for short-term convenience. It is important to consider what these short-term convenience items mean for our beaches, parks, and wildlife.
Plastic Free July is challenging people to do something about this growing problem. The effects of single-use plastic extend to health impacts, pollution on land and aquatic environments, resource depletion, and filling up the limited space available in landfills.
Get involved in Plastic Free July
Each year in July you can commit to joining people world-wide in taking this challenge to avoid, refuse, or replace as much single-use plastic as you can. During July you can sign up for a day, a week, or the whole month, however long you choose will still make a contribution. YOU decide how you wish to be involved.
Sign up to the challenge by visiting

A beach clean up will also be held in Cottesloe so we can help keep the beach we love clean!

PFJ 2017 beach clean up