Recycle Bin

If you require any changes to your current bin service or a replacement bin, please complete a Notification of Changes to Current Bin Services form and email to

Recycle BinAll Cottesloe residents are provided with a 240L Recycle Bin with a yellow lid. It is a co-mingled service. This means that all recyclable materials can be placed loosely (not in plastic bags) together in the bin.

Your Recycle Bin will be emptied fortnightly on the weeks that the Greens Bin is not emptied. In effect, most residents will have only two bins out for collection every week. The yellow shaded dates in the Waste and Sustainability calendar (which is provided to Cottesloe households free of charge at the start of each year) indicate Recycle Bin collection week. A copy of the calendar can be obtained from the Town of Cottesloe Civic Centre. If you have enquiries about collection dates and weeks, please don't hesitate to contact the Town on 9285 5000.

What can be placed in the Recycle Bin?

Please rinse bottles and food containers before putting them in the bin.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Plastics (no plastic bags)
  • Bottles
  • Aluminium Cans

What must not be placed in the Recycle Bin?

  • Food Scraps
  • Chemicals, oil, paint, hazardous substances.
  • Batteries, phones, e-waste, light globes.
  • Anything that should go in the general bin.
  • Anything that can go in the greens bin.

Place your bins on the verge by 6:00am on your collection day and return to within your property on the same day. To find out your bin collection day, please visit our GIS mapping system by clicking here or by contacting the Town on 9285 5000.


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