Information Sheets/Checklists

Building Permit Application Fees

To view the relevant Building Permit Application fees, please refer to the  Building Commission website. Alternatively, please refer to the Town of Cottesloe's Schedule of Fees and Charges.

If you have trouble calculating the fees please contact the Building Department on 9285 5000 or consult the Building Regulations 2012.

Building Permit Application Requirements

To view the Town of Cottesloe's Building Permit Application requirements, please click here. Please ensure you have a current Planning Approval before submitting your application and that an A3 set of plans are included or if larger than A3, an electronic copy.

If you require any further information on what is required to submit a Building Permit Application, please contact the Building Department on 9285 5000.

Demolition / Development Information - Adjoining Properties Owners

If demolition works have been approves and are occurring near your property then this brochure may assist you with any questions you may have.

Smoke Alarms

To view information from the Department of Commerce about smoke alarm laws, requirements and responsibilities for residential type buildings, please click here.

Sand Drift Prevention & Sediment Control Guidelines

This document provides information on the containment of sediment and other building materials on the worksite and reducing the volume entering the drainage system.