Eric Street Shared Path Project

Project completed August 2023

The Eric Street shared path is the first step in the implementation of a Long Term Cycle Network (LTCN) for the Town of Cottesloe. In 2018, the Cottesloe community was consulted on a LTCN and in 2020, Council unanimously supported the plan, which had been endorsed by the State Government that same year.

A shared path on Eric Street was deemed as high priority in the 2018 public consultation survey to provide a connection to the Perth to Fremantle Principle Shared Path (PSP) along Curtin Avenue, and connection to North Cottesloe Primary School, the Cottesloe foreshore and surrounding businesses. Further information leading to this decision can be found within the Timeline attachment below.

The Town worked with its Active Transport Working Group to develop a visual summary of a path on the southern side of Eric Street, which progressed to a concept design for community consultation last year. This was approved to progress to detailed design at the July 2021 Council Meeting. At the June 2022 Council Meeting the detailed design was approved, and the project was put out to tender. At the August 2022 Council Meeting Council resolved to authorise the Town’s CEO to award the tender for construction of the path to Advanteering.

A high proportion of the cost of constructing the shared path is being funded externally – the Town has been successful in grant applications and will receive $350,000 from the Department of Transport as well as $207,534 from the Federal Government through the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program Phase 3. The LRCI Program supports local Councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia, supporting jobs and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A shared path on Eric Street will provide a fantastic connection to the Principal Shared Path (PSP) along the railway line, and a safe route to the foreshore, Cottesloe town centre, North Cottesloe Primary School and other local businesses along the way, adding to the accessibility of Cottesloe and all it has to offer.

Eric Street Shared Path - Detail Design Plan

Eric Street Shared Path Safety Review

Timeline for development of Long Term Cycle Network and Eric St Shared path