Holiday Homes

Short Stay Accommodation

Under the Town’s Local Planning Scheme No.3, Holiday Homes or “Short Stay Accommodation” are defined as a form of unhosted tourist accommodation where guests stay for a period of less than three months.

Short Stay Accommodation and Bed & Breakfasts require Planning Approval prior to the business commencing. While these forms of Holiday Homes are often listed on websites such as Airbnb and Stayz and may comply with all of the policy requirements of these platforms, you still require Planning Approval for the land use.

Please note that unhosted forms of holiday accommodation such "Short Stay Accommodation" are an "X" Prohibited land use within the Residential zone in the Town under the Local Planning Scheme No.3. This means that the land use cannot be considered for planning approval in the Residential zone.

Information on obtaining Planning Approval for a Holiday Home is available below.

Please note that swimming pools at Holiday Homes require additional approval from the Town. For information on how to obtain a Pool Approval, please


Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Planning Approval is required prior to commencing a Bed & Breakfast business.

Please note that further approvals are required from the Town’s Building and Health Services based on the nature of the business, particularly if food is provided to guests. Under the Food Act 2008, the Town is required to register all premises that prepare or provide food for sale and inspect them on a regular basis.

Information on obtaining a Food Permit can be accessed from

Information on obtaining Planning Approval for a Bed & Breakfast is available below.


Parliamentary Enquiry

The Parliament of Western Australia, Economics and Industry Standing Committee released its report and recommendations on its inquiry into short-term rentals on Thursday, 26 September 2019.

The Committee Report is titled "Levelling the Playing Field: managing the impact of the rapid increase of Short-Term Rentals in Western Australia." The inquiry presented ten recommendations to address outdated or conflicting policy government short stay accommodation and provide clarity for the tourism sector, short stay providers and guests. The outcomes were laid on the Table of the Legislative Assembly on 26 September 2019 and the State Government issued its response in February 2020.

Additional information can be obtained from the Parliamentary Inquiry website.

The formal response from the State Government can be obtained from the following link: 


How is the Town responding to the inquiry?

The Town is currently preparing to update its Local Planning Strategy and thereafter the Local Planning Scheme. This process will consider the implications of the state government response to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee’s recommendations to the State Government in conjunction with the suitability of hosted and unhosted accommodation within strategic areas of the Town. 


Planning Application Requirements for Holiday Homes

  • Application for Planning Approval (signed by the landowner and the strata management where the property is located within a strata complex)

  • Site plan drawn to scale (1:100 or 1:200) showing all existing and proposed buildings, structures, driveways and lot boundaries;

  • Floor plan of the existing or proposed building with guest bedrooms and outdoor living areas used by guests indicated, and drawn to scale (1:100);

  • Details of any signage proposed for the business (please note that any signage in excess of 0.2m2 may require approval. Illuminated signage will generally not be supported);

  • A short cover letter outlining the proposal;

  • House Management Plan including but not limited to emergency contact details, house rules for guest behaviour, requirements for pets where applicable, check in and check out times, length of stay, noise and waste management, car parking, and a complaints procedure (outlining the number and type of complaints received by the public and responses to the complaints); and

  • A draft Visitor Log Book which is to be maintained by the landowner recording who has stayed on the premises, client arrival and departure dates, and client length of stay. Please note that this Log Book must be kept up to date and available for the Town upon request.


Post Planning Approval Requirements

Please note that a smoke alarm system and lighting to assist evacuation in the event of an emergency may be required within the Holiday Home in accordance with the Building Code of Australia 2005. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets must also be provided to comply. Under the Health Act 1911, separate showers, water closet compartments and hand basins must be provided onsite and room sizes must be provided with no less than 14m3 per person.  Where a septic tank disposal system is used for waste management, upgrades may be required to cater for additional people. Further, for Holiday Homes providing food an Application for a Food Notification / Registration Form must be completed and submitted to the Town.