A significant amount of the population of Cottesloe is over the age of fifty-five. Therefore, within the Town there exists a variety of services, activities and organisations available to seniors, and members of the Aged Community. The Town's Community Development Officer is active in supporting and enhancing the quality of life of Senior’s in the Cottesloe community. The Town also supports local organisations in their efforts to support our seniors, and aged residents. For more information on some of the events and initiatives for seniors organised by the Town, or for contact information of local services and organisations, please click here.

Children Services

There are a variety of services available for the children of Cottesloe including Day Care Centres, Primary Schools and sporting activities. For more information click here.

Cultural Services

The Town of Cottesloe offers activities of a cultural background for those interested in different sorts of events. This includes activities like the Literature Prize, Library Services and events with a historical background. For more information on what projects the Town is currently working on or events are being offered, click here.

The Grove Library

The library service is jointly funded by the Town of Cottesloe, Shire of Peppermint Grove and the Town of Mosman Park, in partnership with the State Library of Western Australia. For details on membership, services and catalogues, please click here.

Justices of the Peace

The Department of the Attorney General provides detailed information in relation to Justices of the Peace. For more information, please click here.