CT2 - Consultation now open for the Proposed Permanent Partial Closure of Right of Way 32 (Doscas Lane)

For Council to consider a request from the Owner of 53 John Street (Attachment B) for the permanent partial closure of Right of Way (ROW) 32 (Doscas Lane) and amalgamate this section of laneway land with the mention property title. The attached survey plan indicates the width of this request.

Officer Recommendation in Brief

It is recommended Council supports the Land Administration Act (1997) public consultation associated with the resident’s request for the partial closure of Doscas Lane.


The current owner of 53 John Street, Cottesloe purchased the property in early 2022. They are asking Council to consider the disposal of a small parcel of Doscas Lane containing structural encroachments through Adverse Possession (survey plan attached – Attachment A).

This is dedicated as road and is Crown Land with Management Orders vested to the Town of Cottesloe. The property falls within Local Planning Scheme 3 (listed on the Town’s Heritage Register).  

Doscas Lane Diagram 1

Diagram 1: Locality Plan

Doscas Lane Partial Closure Request - Council Resolution.pdf

53 John Street - Survey Plan

Contact Details

Phone: 92855000

Email: town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au

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