Public Art Advisory Committee

This Committee is established under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 (Act), particularly section 5.8 of the Act.

The purpose of this Committee is to provide guidance on the collection of high-quality public artworks so that acquisitions are of long term financial and cultural value to the community.


Information and Minutes for the previous Art Advisory Panel can be found here.



Mayor Philip Angers

Elected Member  

Cr Michael Tucak

Elected Member

Cr Caroline Harben

Elected Member

Mr Stephen Mellor

Community Representative (Interim) 


Ms Rosalin Sadler Community Representative (Interim) 


Document Centre Results
TitleDocument Date
Agenda 10 December 2019December 10, 2019




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Document Centre Results
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Public Art Advisory Committee Charter - Adopted 29 October 2019October 29, 2019