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2023 Local Government Ordinary Election


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I'm a Mum and working professional raising a young family in Cottesloe and I'm invested in the future of our community.

I will bring a vibrant and diverse new voice to Council and want to represent all those who don't have the time or feel disconnected from how local government can enhance their everyday.

I will fight for a vibrant and sustainable future whilst retaining Cottesloe's character. Delivering inclusive neighbourhoods with activated hubs and opportunities for small businesses to flourish year round.

I stand for:

  • a strong sense of community

  • environmental sustainability

  • tree canopy and public green spaces

  • protecting Seaview Golf Course

  • diversity of voice

  • small business innovation

I want to be proud of the future direction of Cottesloe and contribute to the wellbeing of our community. I will work to understand and communicate local views to Council. 


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I have lived in Cottesloe since 2009. I am a mother and grandmother, retired nurse, midwife and solicitor, with TEAL values.

The Local Government Act should accountably serve local communities. Since 2019, as Deputy Chair and volunteer, I have advised Councillors seeking good governance in their Local Government Elected Members' Association.

My focus on integrity, good governance and effective engagement between Council and it's community, includes community input into equitable accountable budgets and expenditure, prompt access to properly kept records, timely effective complaints resolution, and meeting procedures that foster community engagement.

My priorities are climate adapted local laws to protect and sustainably use Cottesloe's precious public and private spaces for current and future generations. 

With your support, I will oppose development that is ad hoc or is not responsive to climate change and our coastal community needs and aspirations.

IRVINE, Jeffrey

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Jeffrey and his family have been Cottesloe residents for 10 years. He is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) who specialisies in managing large logistics projects for multi-national companies.

Jeffrey is passionate about Cottesloe and he contributes today to our local community with Coast Care and as a patrolling surf lifesaver.

Jeffrey is committed to achieving sustainable renewal and development consistent with Town's policy planning principles.Jeffrey will positively serve the Community with honestly, and integrity. He will actively engage, listen to, and represent Community views.

Jeffrey will work hard to achieve:

  • Cost-effective, efficient Council expenditure.

  • The maintenance of the unique character of our village, protection of public open spaces and the pristine marine environment.

  • Sensible and sustainable new developments.

  • Improved universal access, traffic, and parking strategies.

  • Supporting local youth and Community groups, including the renewal of the Sea View Golf Club lease.

THOMAS, Michael  

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I’m Michael Thomas, a Cottesloe native and proud father of 3 daughters. 

My passion is making Cottesloe safe and accessible for biking and walking. I’ve already made a difference by successfully campaigning for the missing section of the Fremantle Shared Path (PSP) bike path, with the section from Grant St to North Fremantle now built. I helped establish the Long Term Cycle Network (LTCN) and supported the Eric St path. 

My current focus is on enhancing safe and accessible connections in and around Cottesloe. This includes advocating for ramps on the Cottesloe Primary pedestrian bridge, pedestrian tunnels across Curtin Ave to Mosman Park and Victoria St station, and safer vehicle level crossings. 

My vision is for a vibrant, liveable, and accessible community. With your support, we can build a Cottesloe where families flourish, and everyone can move around safely and enjoy all the things our wonderful community has to offer.

HEATH, Sonja  

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I am a long-term Cottesloe resident and am passionate about preserving our natural assets and creating and maintain an environment where all residents can enjoy the best of our suburb.


I have legal, science (geology) and finance qualifications. I have worked as a lawyer, investment manager and company director in the finance, mining and property sectors in Perth, London and Sydney. I was a State Library Board member 2012-19 and Finance Committee Chair.


All my 6 children are past or present North Cottesloe PS students where I have been Board Chair, P&C President as well as an active member of the Canteen, Fundraising and Nourish (community service) Committees. I was involved in organising the very popular North Cott Splash’n’Dash family aquathlon. My family are active members of the North Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club, Cottesloe Tennis Club and Magpies Football Club.


I love walking our dogs, swimming at the beach, riding along the foreshore and soaking up the atmosphere in our cafes.