Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Short-term rental accommodation (STRA) refers to the practice of renting out a property (or part of a property) for a relatively short period of time, usually on a nightly or weekly basis. 

This type of accommodation is usually booked through online platforms and is popular among travellers and visitors seeking temporary lodging for holidays, business trips or other short stays. 

STRA can include apartments, houses or even individual rooms within a host’s residence and are either hosted – where the host lives onsite, or un-hosted – where guests have exclusive use of an entire house, unit or apartment. 

The State Government is progressing initiatives to better manage the sector, including reforms to the planning system and the introduction of a short-term rental accommodation register. 

Further information is available on the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website here

Planning Reforms 

Development approval exemption 

Hosted STRA 

Hosted STRA will be exempt from the requirement to obtain development approval as the primary owner or occupier of the residence remains onsite for the duration of a guest’s stay.  

Un-hosted STRA 

Un-hosted STRA will be exempt from the requirement to obtain development approval if the property is used as STRA for not more than 90-nights within a 12-month period. 

The 90-night exemption caters for property owners who wish to let out their primary residence for un-hosted STRA on a temporary basis (e.g., when on holidays) without needing development approval. 

Development Approval Required

Applicants that intend to rent out their property (i.e. un-hosted) for more than 90-nights within a 12 month period will require development approval from the Town prior to registration and operation. 

Please contact the Town’s Planning Services (via email to or call 9285 5000) to clarify whether the property is appropriately zoned to consider an application for development approval for an un-hosted STRA for more than 90 nights within a 12-month period. 


The STRA Register (managed by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety [DMIRS] – Consumer Protection) will collect information on the STRA sector to provide information to the community about what STRA exists in an area and to assist the State Government in making more informed policy and regulatory decisions. 

The register is now open. All STRA are required to be registered by 1 January 2025. In addition, property owners will have until 1 January 2026 to provide evidence of compliance with local planning requirements to remain registered. 

You must register your STRA property with DMIRS regardless of whether: 

  • guests stay in your property with you (hosted) or stay by themselves (un-hosted). 
  • the property requires development approval. 
  • the property is exempt from development approval. 

Link to register: