Perth Is Beautiful, featuring Mr Brainwash

Monday 8th August 2022 to Monday 19th September 2022

Gullotti Galleries are delighted to announce the opening of Perth Is Beautiful, the first Australian gallery exhibition featuring artworks by global Street Pop phenomenon Mr Brainwash. Discovered by Banksy and known for his colourful persona, Mr Brainwash will be showcased in a collection of works including a limited edition print with a distinctive Perth theme.

Mr Brainwash - Los Angeles

Mr Brainwash is the moniker of Street Pop artist Thierry Guetta. Born in France and based in Los Angeles, Mr Brainwash has been pushing pop culture’s envelope for almost a decade, bringing his art to the street, the gallery, and onscreen.

Armed with wheat paste, spray cans, brushes, and paint buckets, Mr Brainwash started attacking the streets in 2006 with stencils and posters of beloved icons from Billie Holiday to John Lennon. In Paris and Los Angeles, his work quickly caught the eyes of the public and Mr Brainwash had emerged from the underground, quickly becoming a renowned figure in the burgeoning street art scene.

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Event Details

Time: 9:00am

Venue: Gullotti Galleries

Cost: See website


Organisation: Gullotti Galleries

Phone: 0405 500 435



Event Date(s)

  • Monday 8th August 2022

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