Online Form - Help Us Name the Dutch Inn Playground Ship

Calling local primary school students to help us name the Dutch Inn playground ship!

In the lead up to the opening of the new Dutch Inn playground on the foreshore, the Town of Cottesloe is looking for suggestions on a name for the ship that takes pride of place in the playground.

We encourage our local primary school children to get involved - put on your thinking caps and enter the competition!

The person who suggests the name that’s chosen for the ship will receive a $100 Fiddlesticks Toys voucher and of course, the ship will be given that name, which will be unveiled at the official opening event of the playground.

Entries close 4pm on Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Dutch Inn playground is nearing completion and will be officially opened soon. Stay tuned for further details!


The Dutch Inn ship feature reflects the beachside location of the site however it’s also a nod to a historical event near the location; a merchant ship lost at sea in 1839 - the Elizabeth – which left the port of Fremantle and was caught in a severe gale.  All on board managed to scramble ashore however the ship floundered and suffered extreme damage to its sails. It went down 200 metres offshore at Warton Street, Cottesloe. Items from the ship wreck washed to shore over the years and there were rumours of sunken treasure in an iron bound chest. Although this was never found, numerous canons have been retrieved over the years as well as earthenware pots dating back to the early 17th Century!

Parent /Guardian consent to enter this competition