Published on Sunday, 4 September 2022 at 9:44:00 PM

Council is pleased that the information received in the independent expert reports obtained recently have provided greater clarity on the way forward with the proposal for the redevelopment of the Indiana’s site and the relocation of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club boat shed.

The Tattarang group took over the lease of the Indiana’s site in early 2019.  The first formal proposal for redevelopment of the building and relocation of the Surf Club boat shed was presented to Council in November 2021 and was considered by Council at its December 2021 meeting. 

The proposal is complex and involves very significant changes to the current lease arrangements. Council therefore resolved to obtain legal, commercial, environmental and heritage advice on the proposal, subject to the Tattarang group agreeing to meet the cost of that advice.  In March this year Tattarang agreed to meet those costs and independent consultants were appointed by the Town to provide the required advice. 

Council has now received the detailed reports from the consultants.  All reports highlight that the proposal lacks important information which Council requires to make an informed decision on the matter. 

Council has therefore requested the CEO to engage with the Tattarang group to obtain the information needed to develop a business plan for the proposal, under the Local Government Act (the Act), for Council’s consideration.  Council has expressly required the business plan to address the financial, social, environmental and cultural heritage impact of the proposal.

It should be stressed that the Town has not at any stage indicated support (or otherwise) for the proposal, to Tattarang or any other party.  No commitment can be made by Council without first consulting the community via the business plan process set out in the Act.

The business plan approach demonstrates a clear pathway to community consultation.  The Town of Cottesloe looks forward to working with the proponent and relevant State agencies, and to consulting with our community, to achieve an outcome that meets expectations on commercial, social, environmental and heritage grounds.


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