Published on Thursday, 26 January 2023 at 3:08:50 PM

The Town of Cottesloe Citizen of the Year award was presented to Shane McGurk, in recognition of his significant contribution to the Cottesloe community. Shane is the founder and custodian of PodSquad, a welcoming, community-minded ocean swimming group in North Cottesloe. PodSquad was founded in 2019 with four members and has grown to over 200 members, with up to 50 swimmers taking part in daily morning swims. Shane volunteers his time and resources on a daily basis to make the group what it is today. 

As well as PodSquad, Shane organises activities for members and the wider community with a focus on health and the natural environment including special event swims, swim vacations, beach clean-up events and social outings.

Shane has had a positive impact on the physical and mental health of many members of the local community. He has fostered a group that is all-inclusive, bringing together members of the community from all walks of life, many of whom have formed long-lasting friendships and provide support to each other.

Prior to founding PodSquad Shane established the Christ Church Grammar School Surf Cadets, while working as a teacher at the school.

Shane is an experienced mentor to new ocean swimmers and is always eager to welcome new members to the group. PodSquad is united by a love of ocean swimming and respect for the environment, fostered by Shane.

The Town of Cottesloe congratulates Shane on being awarded the 2022 Citizen of the Year and thanks him for his continued contribution to the community.

2022 Citizen of the Year award winner Shane McGurk with Australia Day Ambassador Dr Sandy Chong and Town of Cottesloe Mayor Lorraine Young.

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