Cottesloe Foreshore Design Complete

Published on Monday, 29 March 2021 at 2:11:24 PM

The Town of Cottesloe is excited to announce that plans to revitalise the Cottesloe foreshore continue to move forward, following acceptance of the detailed design at the March Council Meeting held on 23 March 2021.

The Cottesloe Foreshore Masterplan and subsequent detail design aims to revitalise the Cottesloe beachfront and make it more accessible for all. Parking has been refocused to the east, and safety along the foreshore is paramount. Improved beach access, additional recreational space, wide footpaths and an improved look and feel of Marine Parade are key elements of the approved design.

Reducing traffic speed and volume is also a key element of the design. This includes road treatments to slow traffic such as narrowing Marine Parade, and the addition of pedestrian islands for safe crossing.

On Tuesday evening Council resolved to adopt the recommendations of the Foreshore Precinct Advisory Committee to accept the 100% Foreshore Redevelopment Design as developed by ASPECT Studios.

Town of Cottesloe Mayor Phil Angers said, “This is great news for the Town, the revitalisation of the Cottesloe foreshore is a major project for us and one that we have been working on for some time.

“To reach the milestone of 100% detail design is fantastic – it’s exciting that the much needed rejuvenation of the Cottesloe foreshore is coming to fruition and works could commence once the Town has secured funding.

“An upgraded, safer, pedestrian and cycle friendly Cottesloe foreshore will be a huge benefit for not only the community and local businesses but for the many visitors who come to the Town.” Mayor Angers added.

The design of the Cottesloe Foreshore Masterplan is people focused, creating spaces that offer a variety of experiences and activities. Features include; green and shady places, natural seating, coastal gardens, plaza areas which allow for space activation (including a parking plaza), new public toilets, lighting, universal access pathways to ensure access for all, lookout area, children’s playground and fitness area.

The comprehensive construction drawings provided by ASPECT will allow the Town to begin conversations with State and Federal Government in regards to funding. The Town has some funds set aside for the project however significant funds from State and Federal government are required for the foreshore rejuvenation to commence.

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