Protected Swimming Enclosure/Shark Barrier


After a busy first season at Cottesloe Main Beach, the protected swimming enclosure will be removed this week in preparation for the coming winter months.

Last year, the Town of Cottesloe awarded Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd the contract to construct, install and maintain the enclosure at Cottesloe Beach. The enclosure was installed in late October for the summer months, and is now due to be removed.

Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd will remove the barrier on Wednesday, 1 April (weather permitting). The barrier will be transported to a storage facility where it will be cleaned and inspected prior to being put away until later this year (late October/early November) when it will be re-installed, ready for summer.

Unfortunately it is not possible to extend the season of the shark barrier due to a number of factors including; the necessity to protect the barrier from being damaged by the winter elements, which will prolong the life of the barrier components, likely financial impacts, and to meet the intentions of the Town’s Beaches Local Law which permits surfing from 1 April.

Removal of the barrier will occur over two days and a small section of the beach near the groyne will be closed for safety reasons. The Town apologises for any inconvenience and asks that people please keep clear of this area.


Early in 2019 the Town of Cottesloe investigated the possibility of installing a protected swimming enclosure at Cottesloe Beach and at a Special Council meeting held in June, a contract to construct, install and maintain the enclosure was awarded to Eco Shark Barrier Pty Ltd.

The Town sought and obtained the necessary approvals for the installation of the enclosure and, with the barrier being built off site by Eco Shark Barrier, it is now ready to be installed.

The swimming enclosure is built off the groyne and stretches out 170 metres north from the groyne and 140 metres from the shore. The barrier has been constructed from flexible nylon which moves with the water. It will be removed for the winter months – around 31 March each year, and will be installed again in late October.

The first installation of the enclosure was done in two stages, beginning with the anchors, which was done over approximately two days and commenced on 7 October 2019.

The barrier was then installed over approximately four days which started on 4 November 2019 and was ready for use on the 8 November 2019.