Resident Parking

The Town of Cottesloe may issue permits to residents in identified high demand areas.

The Town has established parking permit zones in identified high demand parking locations for residents who do not have on-site parking or do not have sufficient on-site parking at their residence, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. The establishment of parking permit zones serves to re-enforce a shift to more sustainable modes of transport and minimise congestion within residential streets caused by motorists who may be utilising nearby commercial or public transport hubs.

Using Your Permit

Residents who are eligible for a parking permit(s) may park within the permit area identified on the reverse of their permit(s).

Subject to the above, the display of a valid parking permit in a vehicle does not revoke the requirement to comply with all other parking legislation, prohibitions and signage restrictions. Permits do not enable motorists to park illegally, for example contrary to signage, over footways or on other residents' verges without consent. Penalties may apply.

Applying for a Permit

If you reside in a street that is nominated by the Town as an area where parking permits apply and you wish to apply for a permit, please read the Conditions of Use on the reverse of the Parking Permit Application Form.

Complete the Parking Permit Application Form and send the completed form along with all relevant documentation by post to PO Box 606, Cottesloe, 6011 or hand deliver to the Town of Cottesloe at 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe, 6011. Application Forms cannot be submitted by email at this time.

Parking Permit Zones

Parking permits are currently available for eligible residents in the following streets:

  • Gadsdon Street
  • Grant Street
  • John Street
  • Overton Gardens