Safer Sustainable Cottesloe Action Plan

The aim of the Safer Sustainable Cottesloe plan is to continue the work of the 2005 – 2008 plan to act as a guide to “prioritise community safety and crime prevention strategies and actions to be implemented by government, non government and community organisations working in partnership and to tackle issues of common interest and responsibility”. (p9-10, CSCP Plan).

There are seven key strategies that this plan focuses on;

Strategy 1

To reduce and monitor anti-social behaviour on the beachfront area by improving the Town’s security systems and CCTV networks.

Strategy 2

To reduce crime, including graffiti, in the Central Business Districtof the Town, by extending the CCTV network to the area.

Strategy 3

To raise awareness in the local community about safety on the roads, including safe roads and roadsides, safe vehicles, safe speeds and safe road use as outlined in the Road Safety Council’s Strategic Action Plan.

Strategy 4

To increase the safety and access to the Council owned buildings according to the Town’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2007 – 2011.

Strategy 5

To promote safe consumption of alcohol and raise awareness the outcomes of abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

Strategy 6

To educate residents on the importance of home, business and vehicle security to prevent theft and damage to property.

Strategy 7

To increase communication between the Council, the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee and the residents of Cottesloe, to achieve accountability, feedback and progress reports.
For more information on these strategies and to learn more on how the Town plans to achieve them download the plan here.