Bulk Waste Verge Collection

The Town is assisting charity organisations during the bulk waste collection with the aim of:

  • Finding a second life for unwanted goods.
  • Giving people with disabilities an opportunity for sustained employment.
  • Reducing waste to landfill.

You can donate the following items:

  • Quality clothing, accessories and jewellery.
  • Books and toys.
  • Games, DVD's and CD's.
  • Household goods such as furniture, kitchenware (including crockery and glassware), linen, curtains and tableware.

For more information and to find your nearest donation bin, please visit www.GIV.org.au.

Collection Dates

The Town of Cottesloe provide two free bulk waste (household junk) collections to residential properties every year.

Next Collection

May 2020 (Bulk waste only)
AREA Place out Collection from
Area 1 9 and 10 May 11 May
Area 2 16 and 17 May 18 May
Area 3 23 and 24 May 25 May

Verge pick up zones

What will be Removed?

The bulk waste collection will remove:

  • Old furniture
  • Stoves and refrigerators (doors removed) and other white goods
  • General household items, maximum length 1.5m (5 feet)
  • Metals (place in separate pile)
  • Whitegoods, bed frames, pipes etc (not building materials)
  • E-waste (place in separate pile)
  • Household electronic items such as computer components, TV's, HiFi equipment, DVD Players, printers, fax machines etc
  • Plastics (place in separate pile)
  • Outdoor settings, buckets, plant pots, storage containers, Tupperware, paddling pools, polycarbonate sheeting and bottles and polypipe.

What won't be Removed?

  • Green Waste
  • Bricks and rubble
  • Cement
  • Lawn sods or sand
  • Tyres
  • Large trunks or stumps
  • Foodstuffs (general household waste)
  • Building materials from renovation and demolition
  • Motor vehicles (whole or parts)
  • Hazardous liquids (chemicals, paint, oil, flammables etc)
  • Asbestos and cement products

If material of this description is left on your verge after the collection a litter infringement may be issued.

See the waste disposal guide to find out where these items can be responsibly disposed of.

Please Remember

  • This is a bulk waste collection only - green waste will not be removed
  • Place rubbish neatly on the street verge and do not obstruct the footpath or your normal bin service.
  • Keep all rubbish clear of your sprinkler system and other service connections
  • Do not place your waste out until the weekend prior to your collection date. This constitutes littering and you could be issued with a fine.
  • Please place your waste out no later than 7:00am on the Monday of your collection week
  • Collection will occur during the next 5 days

If you have any further queries relating to your bulk waste collection please contact the Health and Building Administration Officer on 9285 5000