Green Waste Verge Collection

Green waste bags for leaves and small pruning’s are available for purchase from the Council's office for $3 per bag. The bags will be emptied and returned to within the property. Please make sure your address has been printed on them.

The next Green Waste Collection is September 2020. For dates in your area see the table below.

September 2020 (Greens)


Place out

Collected from

Area 1

5 and 6 September

7 September

Area 2

12 and 13 September

14 September

Area 3

19 and 20 September

21 September

Verge pick up zones


  • This is a green waste collection only - bulk waste will not be collected.
  • Please do not place your waste out until the weekend prior to your collection date. This constitutes littering and is liable to incur a penalty.
  • All waste must be neatly stacked on the verge BEFORE 7.00am on the MONDAY of your collection week.
  • Collection will occur during the next 5 days.
  • Place rubbish NEATLY on the street verge (with cut stems facing the kerb) and DO NOT obstruct the footpath or your normal bin service.
  • Keep all green waste CLEAR of your sprinkler system and other service connections.

Helpful Hints

  • Tree and shrub prunings, maximum length 1.5 metres (5 feet).
  • Tree and shrub prunings, maximum diameter 200mm (6 inches).
  • Tree and shrub pruning’s containing thorns and spikes must be stacked neatly in bundles.
  • Leaves and small cuttings in green waste bags which can be purchased from the Council’s office.

If you have any queries please call the Health and Building Administration Officer on 9285 5000.