Sunset Coast Immersive Trail

The old Cottesloe Jetty  

The Town of Cottesloe has partnered with Destination Perth to recreate a small segment of local history for you to experience through an augmented reality tour.

Location of signage and QR code on Cottesloe Beach

The Sunset Coast Immersive Trail signage, along with a QR code are located by the accessible path to the beach, on the southern side of Indiana.

How to launch the augmented reality experience

The Old Cottesloe Jetty

The Cottesloe Jetty experience is part of the Sunset Coast Immersive Trail.

Situated at the foot of Forrest Street, the old jetty was completed towards the end of 1907. 

The jetty was continually battered by storms and heavy seas which, together with damage caused by the wood boring Teredo Worm, rendered most of the jetty unsafe for use and the Government declared it to be a public liability which needed to be demolished. 

In 1952, the jetty was blown up with a charge of gelignite.


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