Plastic Free July

Friday 30th July 2021
(Multiple Dates Between Friday 30th July 2021 & Saturday 31st July 2021)

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste and protect our environment, the Town of Cottesloe is taking part in the Plastic Free July challenge to help our community to avoid some single-use plastics. 

It’s not about being perfect or doing everything. Just taking small, practical steps towards reducing plastic can be so rewarding.

For those just starting out, participants often begin by choosing to refuse the ‘Top 4’: Straws, take-away coffee cups, plastic shopping and produce bags, and plastic water bottles. 

Many cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores are starting to accept reusables again, and if they’re not people can still make a difference by choosing to refuse the lid, disposable cutlery, napkins, and single-serve sauce sachets with takeaway meals. It all adds up!

For participants wanting to build up a supply of reusables to take with them, we always encourage people to use what they have, choose second-hand, and support local businesses. Others prefer to purchase reusable items online. In which case, consider heading to the Plastic Free July website to browse products listed there. And don’t forget to put these reusable items into your bag or car so that you always have them readily available!

There can be a real sense of satisfaction in making positive changes for the environment. And the more often people do it, the more likely it will become a habit. Join millions of people worldwide taking the Plastic Free July challenge this year. Sign up at 


Contact: Coordinator Environmental Projects

Phone: 08 9285 5000



Event Date(s)

  • Friday 30th July 2021
  • Saturday 31st July 2021

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