Mayor's Message

Our vision for the Town of Cottesloe is to embody a vibrant coastal community with a relaxed lifestyle.

Cottesloe mayor Lorraine Young shares goals for the beach and Indiana  Teahouse after her election win | PerthNow
To achieve our vision, we will work in consultation with our community to develop sustainable strategies to preserve and improve our natural and built environment and beach lifestyle.

Cottesloe is renowned for its coastal village character. The long stretches of white sandy beaches, towering Norfolk Island Pine trees and grassed terraces, the majestic Cottesloe Civic Centre with its beautiful gardens and manicured lawns, our human-scale development and our historic Village centred on rail access, all contribute to this character.  

Our community is one of our biggest assets – informed, engaged and passionate about Cottesloe. Every year we welcome, with great warmth, the many hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to Cottesloe to experience the vibrancy, the very special coastal village character and the relaxed beach lifestyle for which our community is, rightly, very proud.  Our community is a key part of achieving our vision. We understand the importance of working with and listening to our community, to build long term relationships and develop meaningful solutions to the many different and complex issues that the Town faces.

Our Council and Administration are committed to working constructively together, and with our community, to ensure that our vision is achieved.