Music Together in Harmony

Music Together in Harmony runs regularly at the Cottesloe Civic Centre for families to enjoy a fun, informal and creative social setting for children and parents to bond and learn through music. A unique and engaging class to teach both children and adults about music, allowing them to experience music styles and different techniques. 

Classes run in terms at 3 locations across Perth, including the Cottesloe Civic Centre. You can see their website for class updates, timetables and to learn about their teachers. 

Music Together in Harmony Timetable

With class options for babies, toddlers and big kids - there is something for all the future music lovers. The baby classes are designed to bring out their natural musicality! You'll learn lots of ways to engage and bond musically with your infant. The toddler classes engage their innate curiosity, as they start to explore the world on their own terms, these musical classes help to channel their learning, and helping them to express emotions and support their development. As your child nears the ages of 3,4 and 5 they love to be creative, and explore play in a musical way, creating music with them is so much fun, and an excellent learning experience. 

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