Mural at Jasper Green

Aboriginal artist and Wadjuk man Justin Martin of Djurandi Dreaming was commissioned to paint a mural on the tennis wall at Jasper Green Reserve. Justin visited North Cottesloe Primary School and held workshops with some of the students to develop the conceptual design. 

The artwork made in the workshops was used as inspiration for Justin’s mural on the tennis wall. The concept behind Justin’s mural is a representation of the Cottesloe area, as well as the traditional values and important places that are significant to Nyungar people.

Justin spent a number of days (over a few weeks) painting the mural beginning with background colour, line work, dot work and then painting in animals and plants found in Cottesloe and in Nyungar country.

The result is a colourful and meaningful mural for our community to enjoy. We hope you enjoy Justin’s mural at Jasper Green.