The Organisation 

Customer Service

Customer Service


Executive Leadership Team  

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the strategic direction, overall leadership and management of the Town of Cottesloe.  

The Executive Management Team are responsible for implementing Council decisions, managing the daily operations of the Town and providing quality service delivery to our community. The Executive Management Team consists of the Chief Executive Officer and three Directors with their own portfolio of responsibilities.   

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The Administration  

The Town of Cottesloe employs around 70 staff (full time equivalent 50) to deliver the business of Council.   

Staff are based at the two locations outlined below:  

  • The Administration Office | Cottesloe Civic Centre – 109 Broome Street, Cottesloe 
  • The Depot | Lot 501 McCabe Street, Mosman Park    

Corporate Position  

Our Vision  

A vibrant coastal community with a relaxed lifestyle.  

Our Mission  

To preserve and improve Cottesloe’s natural and built environment and beach lifestyle by using sustainable strategies in consultation with the community.  

Key Objectives
Our Community icon
Our Community

Connected, engaged and accessible.

Our Town
Our Town

Healthy natural environments and infrastructure meeting the needs of our community. 

Our Prosperity
Our Prosperity

A vibrant and sustainable place to live, visit and enjoy.

Our Leadership and Governance
Our Leadership and Governance

Strategic leadership providing open and accountable governance.

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Corporate Responsibilities  

Customer Service Charter  

The Customer Service Charter outlines the Town’s service standards, their commitment to and expectations of customers, and available processes for requests to be solved.  

Staff aim to provide a positive experience for customers. The staff team commit to:  

  • recognise that good customer service is one of our core responsibilities.  
  • provide a prompt, courteous and effective service.
  • be sensitive to issues of cultural difference or disability.  
  • respect the customer’s point of view.  
  • be open and honest in our advice, especially that relating to your right to obtain information and appeal against any decisions.
  • deal with complaints quickly.
  • continually seek to improve our level of service.

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Code of Conduct  

The Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behavior for employees in their role and duties.   

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