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Application Forms and Permits - Development (Planning)

Applications for Development (Planning) Approval can be lodged via post or hand delivered to the Town's Administration Centre.  Payment can be made over the phone using MasterCard or Visa or at the Administration Centre.

Tio assist, the Town has provided a Checklist (updated October 2022) which clearly states what is required with your application in order for it to be processed. 

All applications to amend a development approval require a NEW application form to be submitted which clearly references the development approval you wish to amend. Please select Application for Development (Planning) Approval form and the Checklist to ensure that you have everything required for your submission.

Should you have any further queries regarding Development (Planning) Applications, please view the Planning FAQ page.

Forms and Information

DA Checklist (October 2022)

Application for Development (Planning) Approval (October 2022)

Fees & Charges - Development (Planning) Approval

Additional Information for Advertisements (October 2022)

    Application for Subdivision Clearance

    Application for Street Address Amendment

    Application for Development (Planning) Bond Refund

        Deemed to Comply Check

        From 15 February 2021, homeowners and small businesses may be exempt from requiring development approval for single homes, extensions and small projects such as cubby houses and patios.  The changes provide for a 'deemed-to-comply' check which allows local government to ensure compliance with the Residential Design Codes and Local Planning Scheme provisions, enabling development proposals to process straight to the building approval stage.

        The WAPC's Explanatory Guidelines - Deemed Provisions Clause 61A and the Application for Advice - Clause 61A Deemed to Comply Form can be found below.  An application must be made to the Town together with payment of $295.

        Application for Advice - Clause 61A Deemed-to-Comply (October 2022)

        Explanatory Guidelines - Deemed Provisions Clause 61A

        Applications for Determination by a Development Assessment Panel

        All applications with a development value of $10 million and above are required to be determined by a Development Assessment Panel (DAP). Applicants also have the option for panel determination of applications with a development value between $2 million and $10 million. Each DAP consists of five members: the presiding member, two additional specialist members and two elected local government members. Application forms, an Applicant's Brochure and other information is available on the DAPs website at http://daps.planning.wa.gov.au.

        Applications for Determination by a State Development Assessment Unit

        All applications with a development value of $20 million and above, or are considered to be of state significance, can be determined by the State Development Assessment Unit (SDAU). The SDAU is a dedicated team within the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) which administers the assessment and lodgement of SDAU applications. All SDAU applications are determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission. Application forms, details regarding community and agency consultation and other supporting information are available from the DPLH website at https://www.dplh.wa.gov.au/sdau

        Please use this form for planning applications requiring approval by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

        Metropolitan Region Scheme - Form 1

        Subdivision & Strata Applications

        All subdivision applications are made to and determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Should you have any enquiries regarding the general feasibility of your proposal (such as whether the site is of permissible size for subdivision) then please contact the Town's Planning Services on 9285 5000 or town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au prior to lodgement.

        Application Forms and Fees (Building)

        Building Application Checklist

        Building Permit Applications

        All Building Application Forms  are available on the Building Commission website.

        If you have trouble completing the application form please contact Compliance and Regulatory Services on 9285 5000.

        Building Permit Application Fees

        To view the relevant Building Permit Application fees, please refer to the Building Commission website.

        Demolition Permit Application

        BA5 Demolition Application Form is available on the Building Commission website.  

        Application for Asbestos Removal

        Infrastructure Bond Refund Application

        To apply for an Infrastructure Bond Refund a BA7 Notice of Completion of Works (under Notices on the Building Commission website) - Form BA7: Notice of Completion and an Infrastructure Bond Refund Form must be completed  and submitted to town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au

        Once the forms have been submitted to the Town, the Town's Works Supervisor will inspect the property to confirm there is no damage to the verge and/or footpath. On confirmation, the form is then passed to the Accounts Department for processing.

        Building Plan Search Request

        To download the Town of Cottesloe's Building Plan Search Request, please click here. Please note that if you are not the current owner of the property, you will need to provide written authorisation from the owner before the Town can release any plans. Written authorisation is required from each property owner or the Body Corporate for multi-dwelling units. 

        Please note that this request may take up to 10 working days.

        Application to Place Materials on Verge

        To place building materials, a skip bin or a real estate sign on your verge prior notification is required in the form of an Application to Place Materials on Verge.  To download the application, please click on the heading. 

        Application to Place Materials on Verge - Online Form

        Application to Place Materials on Verge

        Work Zone Application

        Should you wish to conduct any activity which obstructs part of a thoroughfare, which includes roads, verges, footpaths or parking bays, the Town must be notified prior to doing so. Notification is required in the form of a Work Zone Application. The work zone permit is designed to aid the efficient and safe operation of maintenance, development and construction activity within the Town of Cottesloe.

        Work Zone Application - Online Form

        Work Zone Application

        Application for a Sign Licence

        Application Forms and Permits (Engineering)

        Road Open Permit

        The Town of Cottesloe has a process to follow when applying for a road open permit. Please click here for information.

        Road Verge Landscaping

        Road verges are an integral part of living in an attractive and viable neighbourhood and to this end the Town of Cottesloe has developed a set of policies to adhere to this. Enter here for information on road verge landscaping forms which show the relevant policies and procedures that must be adhered to when developing and maintaining a road verge in the Town of Cottesloe.

        Residential and Recreational Verge Play Equipment Application Form

        At the June 2022 Ordinary Meeting, Council adopted a Management Protocol for Play Equipment on Street Verges and Attached to Street Trees. A copy of this document can be found at


        Stallholder and Traders Permits

        Application for Stallholders Permit

        Complete this application if you are proposing to sell goods at an event or temporary stall.

        If you are proposing to sell food rather than goods, please complete the "Application to Sell Food From a Temporary Food Premises" instead.

        Application for Traders Permit

        Complete this application if you are proposing to use Council land to trade/sell any of your businesses goods on a permanent basis.