Environment & Sustainability Initiatives

Click on the links below for more information on the environmental and sustainability projects and initiatives the Town of Cottesloe is currently involved in:

Native Plant Subsidy Scheme 2023                                                           

The annual Native Plant Subsidy Scheme is back. During the month of May Cottesloe residents can purchase plants at the subsidised price of $2.00 each from APACE Nursery, 1 Johannah Street, North Fremantle. The scheme aims to encourage biodiversity and local habitats in the western suburbs. Take advantage of the cooler weather and transform your garden or verge. Please take proof of residency when you visit APACE.  This initiative is proudly co-funded by Water Corporation's Waterwise Greening Scheme and forms part of our ambition for the Town of Cottesloe to be a leading waterwise community.

Verge Street Tree Planting Program

Native Waterwise Verge Rebate

Sustainable Cottesloe

Cottesloe beach has always been a popular tourist and holiday destination. The Town of Cottesloe strives to protect our area by encouraging residents to consider the environment in their day to day activities.

Cott Cat Shuttle Service

The 'Cott Cat' is a FREE shuttle bus service operating in March during Sculpture by the Sea.

Solar Powering Cottesloe

The Town has invested in renewable energy to provide electricity to its Administration Building.

Travel Smart & Alternative Transport

Reducing your car use has benefits for your health, community and the environment. Starting from today why not try to find one extra day each week that you can walk, ride or use public transport.

Water Campaign

As a coastal suburb with approximately 3 km of foreshore along the Indian Ocean, the quality of stormwater discharge to sea is an important issue for Cottesloe. Council has invested considerable effort into their Aquifer Recharge Project and Thinkwater campaign to improve water quality and retention.

WESROC Newsletter

Find out what environmental and sustainability resources and initiatives Cottesloe is working on with our neighbouring western suburbs Councils here.

WESROC Regional Initiatives

Find out what environmental and sustainability resources and initiatives Cottesloe is working on with our neighbouring western suburbs Councils here.

Clean Up Australia Day

Help us to keep our beaches, parks and reserves rubbish-free all year round. Clean up Australia Day falls on the first Sunday of March every year.


Cottesloe Coastcare is a group of local volunteers who joined together in 1995 to achieve a more robust and diverse ecosystem for the Cottesloe foreshore. They are still hard at work! The group restores and conserves natural areas along the coast to provide refuge areas for local species of animals and plants.

Environmental Pests

Our increasingly suburban lifestyle has led to some animal populations increasing to a point that they become environmental pests. Click here to find out what native and introduced environmental pests are around Cottesloe and how Council is managing them, as well as information so that you can help to manage them too.

Take a Tour of The Grove Library Environmental Design Features