Cottesloe Coastcare

The Town of Cottesloe contains some of Perth's most iconic and popular beaches and, as such, is subject to lots of human traffic, particularly in the summer months. Cottesloe Coastcare Association (Coastcare) is a community group who work tirelessly to preserve the natural environment along Cottesloe’s 4 kilometers of coast. Coastcare formed in 1995 and is supported by the Town in their work to protect and rehabilitate the fragile coastal areas to:

  • protect local flora and fauna biodiversity
  • improve environmental resilience
  • enhance the aesthetic value of the coast for residents and visitors
  • create a sense of place, education & recreation for all to use

Further information  

Cottesloe Dune System Restoration Works 2011  Cottesloe Rehabilitated Dune System 2017

The major projects Coastcare work on include weed control, infill planting of local provenance seedlings to restore habitat, erosion control, removing invasive Victorian tea tree species that smother native plants and monitoring  of rabbit populations to reduce the damage that they do to vegetation. Coastcare are also a valuable resource providing extensive knowledge in ecological sustainability.  

Interested in Volunteering?  

The Cottesloe Coastcare Team

The Cottesloe Coastcare Team