Environmental Pests

Feral Animal Observation Form

Sea Gulls

Silver Gulls, commonly called Sea Gulls, are associated by many as the bird you find at the beach begging for food. It is important to make sure that you do not feed these, or any other, birds while you are in Cottesloe.


Rabbits are a declared pest in Western Australia and cause grazing pressure on vegetation which stabilizes the sand dunes. The Town undertakes rabbit control throughout the year to ensure they don’t become a pest. Landholders are also required to control rabbits on their properties. Please report to the Town’s Sustainability Officer if you see evidence of rabbits in the natural areas. 

Australian Raven

The Raven is highly intelligent and hence it has adapted well to urbanisation. In fact Raven numbers have increased in suburbia because they have benefited from increased access to rubbish and food waste.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets were introduced to Perth in the 1960’s and their population has increased rapidly. As Rainbow Lorikeet populations increase there has been a decrease in native parrots due to nesting hollows competition, food competition and the increased spread of bird diseases.