Water Campaign

Water Management in Cottesloe

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, which makes water conservation and quality an ongoing challenge, requiring constant management and review. The changing climate of the southwest of West Australia and decreasing rainfall will enhance the severity of the problem, particularly with the sandy soil profile that is found in the Cottesloe. The freshwater aquifer below Cottesloe is therefore a valueable resource that requires protection.

As a part of its committment to intergrated water management, the Town of Cottesloe has been a participant of the ICLEI Oceania Water Campaign since 2006. This year we completed the fifth and final milestone of the process, in both the Corporate and Community sectors. You can read about our actions and achievements in the Milestone 5 Report here. The Town was also awarded 'Waterwise Council' status by the Department of Water and Water Corp in 2011.

Click on the links below for more information on some of the water savings initiatives implemented by the Town.

waterwise council logoD12 3494  Photo - Waterwise Certificate Presentation - 27 February 2012

Waterwise Your Home

Residential water use accounts for 70% of the scheme water used in the Perth Metropolitan area. This averages out to 106,000 litres per person each year. With Perth's increasingly drying climate it is important to conserve water and make sure that we are not polluting it. Here are some tips on how you can "Think Water" around your home.

Demonstration Waterwise Gardens

To save water and ongoing maintenance costs Council has planted water wise native demonstration gardens that aim to show the community that a garden can be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Native Plant Subsidy Scheme

Once again the Town of Cottesloe is offering subsidised native seedlings from Apace Nursery to help residents plant a waterwise beautiful garden or verge around their home.

Aquifer Recharge Project

Sealed pavement and drains used commonly in urban design increases storm water runoff, funneling this precious resource out to the ocean, untreated. The Town of Cottesloe has successfully completed a 4 year Aquifer Recharge Project to retain stormwater and help infiltrate it back into the groundwater aquifer.