Cottesloe - A Town of Distinction

Cottesloe – A Town of Distinction by Ruth Marchant-James, spans the history of Cottesloe and adjacent suburbs from the first inhabitants to the 17th and 19th century visits of the Dutch and French explorers and the area’s progress up until the commencement of the 21st century. The work reflects on the part played by people of all classes in establishing a highly-regarded residential suburb and covers their contribution to trade, commerce, civic affairs and involvement in the foundation of schools, churches, charitable institutions, sporting and cultural activities.

The development of a popular beachfront, familiar to all West Australians, is highlighted from the public opening of the Cottesloe pier in 1908, through various eras covering two World Wars, the carefree twenties, a world-wide depression and 20th century changes.

The book describes the impact made by the 1890s gold boom on the burgeoning township and the backgrounds of the magnificent residences built by the affluent, as well as holiday and workers’ cottages, boarding houses and local businesses associated with the average citizen.