Food Businesses

Food Applications

Food Business Notification/ Registration Form

Complete this form if you propose to operate a Food Business where food is stored, sold, prepared or manufactured. All food businesses are required to be registered, irrespective of the quantity or nature of food sold. Existing food businesses should also submit this form when making any changes to their food business activities or ownership.

Outdoor Eating Area Application Form

Complete this form if your Business proposes to operate an outdoor eating area for patrons to consume food or drink on Council property adjoining your registered food premises. Please ensure you submit plans and specifications of the proposed eating area with your completed application form.

Outdoor Eating Area Cancellation Form

Complete this form if you have sold or closed your Food Business with an Outdoor Eating Area.

Outdoor Eating Area Permit Transfer Form

If you have bought a food business and want to transfer the Outdoor Eating Area Permit, the current permit holder and the proposed transferee should complete this form. An insurance certificate of currency should accompany your request.

 Food Safety

The proprietors of food businesses have an obligation to ensure that their food premises is kept at a standard that is compliant with relevant legislation. This includes the preparation of food that is both safe and suitable for consumption when sold.

Learn about the Food Standards Code

Food labels must provide adequate information to help consumers make food choices. Food Standards Australia New Zealand sets food labelling requirements.

Learn about Food Labelling

The Town of Cottesloe is committed to assist food businesses and their staff with providing a free online food safety course that can both refresh the knowledge of experienced staff as well as people who are beginning in the food industry.

The free online course is easy to follow, includes an entertaining presentation as well as an interactive quiz. A training acknowledgement form can be printed upon completion and be kept as a part of staff records.

Please quote the Town's unique discount voucher FSCOTTE346 to enable free access to the online course.

Find the Food Safe Online Course here


Food Allergy Training for Food Service

Online training is also available through the National Allergy Council for food service workers to assist them to provide safe food service to customers with a food allergy.