Cottesloe Foreshore Redevelopment Project

Cottesloe foreshore is one of Western Australia’s most iconic beaches and a premier tourist attraction that draws visitors from across the State, Australia, and the world.

The foreshore has long been an accessible, family-friendly destination in close proximity to hospitality and retail venues, a train station, and the Perth CBD.

However, after four decades since the last significant investment, the time has come to redevelop the foreshore to ensure that it meets its potential as a world-class destination for locals and visitors.

The Town of Cottesloe is planning a $22 million redevelopment, which will improve beach access, create additional recreational space, reduce traffic speed and volume, and improve pedestrian access. The plan also includes an amphitheatre of grass terraces, a lookout and fitness area, and a pedestrian piazza.

A revitalised foreshore will support new and existing businesses in the area and revitalise the local economy. It will assist in encouraging local tourism as well as create jobs at a time when Western Australia is hoping to diversify its economy beyond mining and is looking to welcome tourists back after two years of border restrictions.

Given the project’s significance, the Town of Cottesloe is currently seeking support from the State and Federal governments to help realise this vital redevelopment.

Mayor Lorraine Young says, “The Town of Cottesloe has been working on the foreshore redevelopment for many years and while the Town has some funds set aside for the project, external funding must be secured for it to proceed.

“An upgraded foreshore will provide a more accessible Cottesloe Beach for everyone to enjoy - our vision is to create a pedestrian and cycle friendly environment with improved beach access, additional recreational space, wide footpaths to allow for increased al fresco dining options, and an overall improved look and feel for Marine Parade.  

The Cottesloe Foreshore Masterplan, which was developed in consultation with our community, considers many factors to achieve this, and we hope that the Town, with the help of State and Federal government can deliver this much needed rejuvenation for everyone to enjoy.”

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