Other Health Applications

Forms for Public Buildings

Form 1 - Application to Construct, Alter or Extend a Public Building

Form 2 - Application for Certificate of Approval

Form 5 - Certificate of Electrical Compliance

Registration of Skin Penetration Premises 

Skin Penetration Business Registration Form

A skin penetration procedure is a procedure in which the skin or a mucous membrane is cut, punctured, torn or shaved. It includes body art such as tattoos, piercing, scarification or branding, dermal anchors and some beauty therapies such as waxing, shaving, tweezing, acupuncture. Procedures, design requirements and further information are available on the WA Department of Health website.

Completed forms should be emailed to town@cottesloe.wa.gov.au.

Other Health Forms

The Department of Health WA's website provides information on topics such as Greywater Reuse, Septic Systems and Drinking Water in WA. Useful links are listed below.

Drinking Water

Greywater Reuse

Approved Greywater Systems

Greywater & Septic System Application Form

Complete this application if you require septic tank installation approval or approval for a grey water reuse system.

If you have trouble downloading any health form, please contact the Town's Regulatory Services administration officer on 9285 5000.