Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaption Plan (CHRMAP) Steering Group

The purpose of the Steering Group is to assist in the development of the CHRMAP in accordance with the State Planning Policy 2.6. A CHRMAP seeks to map potential coastal hazards over a 100 year planning time frame and ensures we have a plan in place to address these hazards should they occur.

From the nominations, Council will appoint a minimum of one community member to the Steering Group. Interested community members will be asked to outline why they would like to be a representative. Please note that the CHRMAP process will be conducted over a two year period.




The Steering Committee is to perform the following functions:

  1. a) Deliver guidance and oversight on, and make decisions in relation to, all aspects of the Project, including but not limited to: • Reviewing Scope of Works
  • Assessment of Tenders (through recommendations of the Tender Assessment Panel)
  • Provide discussion on the methodology for each milestone (as required)
  • Make recommendations on the project objectives and outcomes
  • Reviewing project deliverables including the Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plan, chapter reports, draft and final CHRMAP
  • Attend meetings as required. 
  1. b) The Steering Committee is to provide guidance and oversight however in the event of a dispute, the Town of Cottesloe have the final decision.
  1. c) Minutes and agendas are to be prepared for each meeting, as set out in Clause 3 (b) (iv).


  1. ROLES

 The role of the Steering Committee is to provide technical coastal and planning skills to the Applicant and ensure the project progresses in line with milestone reports and progress reports.



Matthew Scott Chief Executive Officer
Shaun Kan Director of Engineering Services
Steve Cleaver Director of Development and Regulatory Services
Keith Walsh Coordinator of Environmental Services
Ben Bassett Stakeholder Representative
Neesha Gomes Stakeholder Representative
Tim Stead Stakeholder Representative
Lyle Banks Community Representative
Kerryn Briody Community Representative
Kristopher Taylor Community Representative


Steering Group Meetings will be held on an 'as required' basis and will be listed here when scheduled. 

Agenda, Minutes and Attachments

Documents for Agenda
TitleDocument Date
Agenda - 3 December 2021December 3, 2021
Unconfirmed Minutes 3 December 2021December 9, 2021
Agenda with Attachments - 15 August 2022August 12, 2022
Minutes - 15 August 2022August 25, 2022