Published on Thursday, 27 January 2022 at 10:09:49 AM

Congratulations to the Town of Cottesloe 2022 Citizen of the Year award winners. Winners were announced at the combined Council event held on Australia Day at Manners Hill Park in Peppermint Grove.

Citizen of the Year was awarded to Maureen Davy, in recognition of her significant contribution to the Cottesloe community. Maureen has been at the core of wellbeing for many in the local community through her Workout Fitness Centre at Eric Street Shopping Centre. She is a passionate advocate of a healthy lifestyle which embodies what Cottesloe means for many of its residents. With her positive attitude, inviting personality, sense of humour and diplomacy, she has fostered a special community among those that have been a part of it for many years. This community has provided a healthy, happy and safe place for people of all ages for 40 years. Maureen has also brought her love of fitness and inclusivity to classes in schools, specialist sessions for sporting teams, rehabilitation and disability, pre and post-natal classes for women, and children’s yoga.

Citizen of the Year Youth was awarded to Eva Czislowski for her work in helping to save threatened species, Carnaby Cockatoos. Eva has always had a passion for nature and protecting animals and has volunteered countless hours for numerous causes. Her work to save Carnaby Cockatoos involved extensive research and experimentation to build and install nesting boxes. Eva engaged with many experts, teachers and peers on this important project and the nesting boxes are now located in various areas in regional Western Australia.


Citizen of the Year Senior was awarded to Graeme Johnson for his many years of service to the community. Graeme has made a significant contribution as a 50 plus year member of Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. He was a Senior Active Member from 1966 to 1980 and after this time he continued to volunteer as an Active Reserve member, with the nipper’s program, and as a founding member of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club Veterans organisation. Graeme also volunteered for the North Cottesloe Primary School P&C from 1991 to 2000, for the Cottesloe Junior Football Club from 1991 to 1998, and was a Neighbourhood Watch Representative for several years in the 1990s. Currently, Graeme is a volunteer at the Wearne Cottesloe Intergenerational Playgroup, where his 101-year-old mother and four grandchildren mix with other residents and local children to create a joyful morning of play every fortnight. Graeme has also spent many years volunteering at a regional level including being a member of the RSL Cottesloe Sub Branch since the 1980s.


Award for Active Citizenship (group or event) was awarded to the local history exhibition 'Waves of Change'. 'Waves of Change’, curated by Cottesloe resident Sue Freeth, tells the story of the history of Cottesloe Beach from 40,000 years ago to present day. The exhibition was created over two years and includes a number of beautiful panels with historical information and photography. The exhibition was part of the Australian Heritage Festival 2021 and featured at the Grove Library. It was also shown at the Town of Cottesloe's annual Volunteer Sundowner event and at the Cottesloe Coastcare AGM. A comprehensive website and Facebook page accompanied the exhibition. Inspiration for the creation of the exhibition came from Sue’s interest in local history. It is now a wonderful community resource that can be referred to for many years to come.

Congratulations to our Citizen of the Year award winners on this achievement. The Town of Cottesloe thanks you for your continued contribution to the community.

Town of Cottesloe 2022 Citizen of the Year award winners with Deputy Mayor Helen Sadler on Australia Day. 

(L-R) Eva Czislowski, Sue Freeth (accepting the Award for Active Citizenship), Cllr Helen Sadler, Graeme Johnson and  Maureen Davy.   



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