Reconciliation Action Working Group

The purpose of this Group is to guide and assist the Town of Cottesloe in the development of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in consultation with Reconciliation Australia, using their toolkit, templates and resources.

From the nominations, Council will appoint up to five community members including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the Reconciliation Action Working Group. Meetings will generally be held every two months, unless a special meeting of the group is called for a specified purpose. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members are strongly encouraged to apply, along with non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members who are passionate about reconciliation.

If you require further information, please contact Shane Collie, Director Corporate and Community Services on 9285 5000


Cr Chilla Bulbeck Elected Member
Cr Craig Masarei Elected Member
Mayor Lorraine Young Deputy Member, Elected Member
Katina Law Community Representative
Cheryl McCann Community Representative
Courtney Bridge Community Representative

Terms of Reference - Reconciliation Action Working Group

Reflect - Reconciliation Action Plan - draft (approved by Council 22/11/22 for submission to Reconciliation Australia)