Greens Bin

If you require any changes to your current bin service or a replacement bin, please complete a Notification of Changes to Residential Bin Services and email to

Greens BinYour Greens Bin will be emptied fortnightly on the weeks that the Recycling Bin is not emptied. In effect, most residents will have only two bins out for collection every week. The green shaded dates in the Waste and Sustainability Calendar indicate Greens Bin collection week.

Greens collected from the bins will be sent for composting into mulch; therefore even low levels of contamination like plastic bags, garden tools, beverage containers etc. are a problem. The resultant mulch is low grade and usually not good enough for most gardens. High levels of contamination may result in the entire truck being sent to landfill and inadvertently to increased costs.

What can be placed in the Greens Bin?

The following items should be placed in your green topped bin for composting:

  • Grass Clippings
  • Small pruning's 
  • Plants and weeds
  • Small branches
  • Twigs, bark and leaves
  • Cut flowers

Please ensure that the bin is not overflowing and the lid can close

What must not be placed in the Greens Bin?

Large tree trunks and branches - These can be collected using the Verge Valet service .

Anything inorganic or inert that you wouldn’t want to see in your mulch:

  • Glass, metal, plastic, paper, chemicals, oil.
  • Batteries, phones, e-waste, light globes.
  • Anything that should go in the general bin, including food organics.
  • Anything that can go in the recycle bin.

Place your bins on the verge by 6:00am on your collection day and return to within your property on the same day. To find out your bin collection day, please visit our GIS mapping system by clicking here or by contacting the Town on 9285 5000.


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