Business Beat

Recent Initiatives - Business Beat Packs

The Business Beat initiative was conceived in response to the relatively high crime rate against businesses in local government areas. A kit containing important community safety and crime prevention information was created to try to address this issue.

This kit is currently being renewed to ensure that it remains up to date and relevant for local businesses. As a result, we would like to engage the services of a designer to produce the following six items that will form the core of the Business Beat package. Please note that all designs should be produced in accordance with current accessibility guidelines.


The latest crime statistics produced by the Office of Crime Prevention for Cottesloe show the highest offences are theft, property damage and residential burglaries. Procott, the Cottesloe Business Association, has spoken with the Town regarding the need for increased security in the business district and put their support behind this project.

The project is run by the Central Metropolitan Crime Prevention Unit Police officers in conjunction with the Town of Cottesloe. It aims at increasing business owner’s awareness of their current security needs and how they can achieve them in order to prevent damage and theft.


The Town of Cottesloe will implement this project with the following strategies;

  • Engagement of the Central Metropolitan Crime Prevention police to run the program
  • Provision of a Town of Cottesloe officer to participate and assist the Police in their meeting the business owners.


These activities will complement the above strategies;

  • The development of a schedule of visit, including times and dates;
  • The collation of the details of business owners in Cottesloe and the recommendation made to them;

For information or to get your business involved please email your interest to