Engineering Project Updates:

Curtin Avenue:  Transfer of Maintenance responsibility to Main Roads WA (MRWA)

 At the June 2021 Council Meeting, Council resolved to formalise the Reclassification of Curtin Avenue to become a State Road, with responsibility for the road now belonging to Main Roads WA. This is in relation to the road surface area only and does not include verges, footpaths or slip roads. Main Roads WA has agreed in writing that any changes to the road will be subject to consultation with the Town.

Main Roads WA has also agreed to take over the cost of maintaining the footbridge at Pearse Street as well as crossings at Victoria Street and Salvado Street and to work with the Town to manage safety concerns at Napier Street, Sydney Street and Victoria Street.

Main Roads Map - Reclassification and Full Transfer of Responsibility for Curtin Avenue.pdf

Application Forms and Permits (Engineering)

For information and forms dealing with verge crossovers, road open permits and road verge landscaping, please click here.

Infrastructure and Works

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Roads, footpaths and bike paths are important and essential Council infrastructure.

Stormwater Design Calculator

This calculator is designed to calculate how much on-site drainage storage is needed to meet the Town’s requirements for managing drainage in storm events. It takes into account 20 and 100-year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) rainfall events.

Note: The calculations provided within the spreadsheet are recommended based on normal rainfall conditions. Excessive stormwater conditions can cause overflow depending on the soil type, e.g. rock, clay, limestone etc.

Disclaimer: This calculator is produced by the Town of Cottesloe in good faith and the Town accepts no responsibility for any ramifications or repercussions for providing this information. This calculator is correct as at April 2021.