Applications to be Determined Under Delegation

Council has delegated to the Town’s Planning Services the authority to determine certain development applications.   

Below is a list of development applications that are due to be determined under delegated authority, as per the requirements of the Town's Delegated Authority Register. 

This is for information purposes only. Public consultation on these proposals, if required, has already occurred.   



Application received 

58 Hawkstone Street Two storey dwelling – modifications to previous approval 15 April 2024
7 Warton Street Upper floor rear addition 6 May 2024
8 Henry Road Alterations & addition to raised deck 14 May 2024
69 Forrest Street Carport, store and deck 29 February 2024
2 Millers Court Front fence 10 June 2024
19 Hamersley Street Conversion of two grouped dwellings (currently under construction) into one single house – modifications to previous approval 23 May 2024