Private Swimming Pools and Spas

Important Information for Pool Owners

Please be advised that all known private swimming pools and spas within the Town of Cottesloe will be inspected in 2020, commencing in January. Based on the outcome of the inspections, an inspection program will be developed to ensure every swimming pool is inspected within four years, as per the requirements of the Building Regulations 2012. This means, certain properties may have their swimming pools and spas inspected in both 2020 and 2021.

Should there be no attempt by homeowners to rectify any non-compliant matters identified during the inspections, an infringement notice of $1000 may be issued, and a re-inspection fee of $100 may also apply.

The Town appreciates your cooperation and looks forward to working with you.

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To assist pool owners in creating awareness of changes to legislation and responsibilities connected with swimming pool safety, a summary of the legislation has been set out for you in this publication.

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Removal of Swimming Pools and Spas

When a swimming pool and/or spa is no longer wanted it should be totally removed from site either by deflating, dismantling, excavating and lifting out, or complete demolition.

Owners may be required to complete the below forms when decommissioning a pool or spa. For further information please contact the Compliance and Regulatory Services department on 9285 5000.

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