CCTV Camera Installation Project

The infrastructure for the CCTV network in the Town of Cottesloe is now in place. The CCTV system is now compatible for the set up of 27 cameras, currently the system uses three streams and therefore allows for expansion in the future. An extra Wi Fi antenna has also been installed in a position which will allow for the expansion of the CCTV network to the Cottesloe Business district in the future. Funding is currently being sought for these extensions.

Vision from the cameras has improved and the following aims have been achieved:

  • Install a new communications solution that allows the visual data generated to be transmitted to the Council offices via a transmission system. The new Wi Fi software will connect into the Town’s current IT solution and applicable infrastructure relaying the visual data back to the Town Offices. Also, this addition to the Town’s infrastructure will allow the data to be kept for a number of weeks, in comparison to five days, allowing access by the Police for some time after, should an incident be reported after five days. Also downloading the data will be much quicker, saving time and money.
  • Upgrade elements of the current and supporting camera technology to enable more effective vision to be generated

The Town of Cottesloe is now using a modern system that is compatible with increased use of vision for police investigation. The new system allows visual data to be transmitted to the Council offices and kept for a 40 day period. Resolution of vision is greater and the new system is more efficient in downloading data for access by the Police.