Development Applications List

Applications for planning (development) approval are required when an applicant or owner wishes to develop or use land in the Town that require discretion under the Town of Cottesloe Local Planning Scheme No.3. Below is a list of recent applications due to be considered under delegated authority as per the requirements of the Town's Delegated Authority Register

This is for information purposes only. Public submissions in respect to these proposals are not being requested at this time. If required by the Local Planning Scheme and / or Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, formal consultation will have already occurred.



Application received

46 Brighton Street Second-storey addition 25 October 2021 (amended 10 November 2021 and 18 January 2022)
443 Stirling Highway Three, two-storey grouped dwellings 26 October 2021 (amended 8 December 2021)
273 Marmion Street Deck above an existing garage 18 November 2021 (amended 13 January 2022)