Development Applications Recently Received

An application for development (planning) approval is required when a proposal to develop or use land in the Town requires discretion under the Town of Cottesloe Local Planning Scheme No.3. Below is a list of recent applications due to be considered under delegated authority as per the requirements of the Town's Delegated Authority Register

This is for information purposes only. Public submissions in respect to these proposals are not being requested at this time. If required by the Local Planning Scheme and / or Residential Design Codes of Western Australia, formal consultation will have already occurred.

Property Proposal Application Received
1 Macarthur Street Two storey dwelling & ancillary accommodation 27 March 2023, amended 19 May, 14 June and 22 September 2023.
29 Napoleon Street Extension of upper floor office (retrospective application) 18 August 2023
14 Burt Street Outbuilding (shed) at rear 14 September 2023
6 John Street Alterations & additions to existing short stay accommodation (amendments to previous planning approval - retain existing ground floor structures; modify internal parking layout/balconies). 4 August 2023
53 Lyons Street Alterations & additions to dwelling, including carport. 19, 20, 24 July 2023, 10
and 18 August 2023
49 John Street Two-storey alterations & additions, including rear
7 July, 4 August and 12
September 2023
8 Gibney Street (Lady Lawley

Internal alterations, refurbishment & landscaping

(for Rocky Bay)

16 May 2023, amended 23 August 2023
7 Geraldine Street Two storey dwelling 23 June 2023, amended 18 August, 1 September 2023