Online Form - Public Statement Time

Please read these guidelines before submitting the form: 

This information is provided as guidance to members of the public who wish to ask a question or
make a statement at a Council or Committee meeting.

  1. On arrival at the meeting, please complete this form. Personal details and the information
    regarding the presentation you intend to make will be used as an accurate record for the
    minutes of the meeting and follow up where required.
  2. At the commencement of the meeting, the Presiding Member will invite questions and
    statements from the public on matter of business relating to the Town of Cottesloe. Prior to
    asking a question or making a statement, the speaker is to read out their name and address.
  3. Persons who ask a question or make a statement at a meeting must do so with due regard and
    respect for the rulings and instructions provided by the Presiding Member in accordance with
    Local Government (Meeting Procedure) Amendment Local Law 2021 (Meeting Procedures).
  4. Questions posed during Public Question Time at Council meetings will be given an appropriate
    response and recorded in the minutes of the meeting when the question is answered, however
    it is acknowledged that there may be questions submitted that are not able to be answered at
    the meeting and these may be recorded in the minutes as being ‘taken on notice’. The
    question(s) and a response will also be included in the agenda and minutes of the next Council
    meeting after an answer has been provided. As per Meeting Procedures, no discussion of a
    question or answer is to take place.
  5. Generally 15 minutes is set aside for Public Question Time and Public Statement Time. To enable
    members of the public a fair and equal opportunity to participate, each person shall be
    provided, with the opportunity to ask a maximum of three questions, within the allocated three
  6. The Presiding Member will determine to refuse to allow questions and statements which are:
    considered to be outside the duties, functions or powers of Council; deals with a subject matter
    already answered; is aimed at embarrassing a Councillor or a Town employee; defamatory,
    indecent, abusive, offensive, irrelevant, trivial or objectionable in language or substance; relates
    to personnel matters concerning employees or Councillors; relates to the personal hardship of
    any resident or ratepayer; relates to industrial relations matters; relates to contractual matters
    that are commercial in confidence; relates to development applications that have not been
    before Council; relates to legal advice; relates to matters jeopardising the security of Council
    property; or any other matters which Council considers would prejudice Council or any person.
  7.  The Presiding Member may nominate the Chief Executive Officer or a Town employee to
    respond to a question.

Thank you for you interest in Council affairs. The minutes of all meetings are publicly available at the
Town of Cottesloe office and on the website.

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