Cottesloe Norfolk Island pine trees infected with fungal disease

Published on Friday, 15 May 2020 at 11:00:00 AM

Cottesloe Norfolk Island pine trees infected with fungal disease

A fungal disease has infected Norfolk Island pine trees in Cottesloe. The disease, known as Neofusicoccum affects the tree from the top down. The Town conducted sampling of a number of trees that were showing signs of decline and unfortunately, the results have come back as positive for the disease.

Norfolk Island pine trees are a Cottesloe icon and are much loved by the community and visitors to the Town. The Town has been investigating the cause of decline of the trees and the options available to save them. To control the spread of the disease it is imperative that two infected trees are removed.

The trees to be removed are located by Car Park One (opposite Warnham Road) and on Eric Street (near the corner of Chamberlain Street). The removal of both trees will be carried out on Monday, 18 May.

To treat and protect all of the Norfolk Island pines in Cottesloe the Town is administering a liquid biostimulant. This is currently in a trial stage and the results of the treatment are as yet unknown. The Town will continue to monitor the health of the Norfolk Island pines to ensure they, and any spread of the disease, is managed effectively.

We invite our community to get in touch if they suspect a tree is showing signs of this fungal disease. Please contact us on 9285 5000 or

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